2016 Election Calendar

2016 Election Calendar – March 15, 2016 Primary –it’s right around the corner!  Are you registered?
02/4/2016     First day for Vote by Mail applications to be mailed, Early Voting at the Election Commission Office in Wheaton.
02/16/2016     Regular Voter Registration closes.
02/17/2016     Grace Period Registration begins.
02/29/2016     First day for Early Voting outside the Election Commission Office.
03/14/2016     Last day of Early Voting
03/15/2016     2016 General Primary Election.
11/08/2016     2016 General Election.

*****Remember – you can now register to vote or have a Vote by Mail ballot mailed to you by applying online.  For more information visit the Election Commission website at www.dupageco.org/election