A Call to Action – The 2016 Election Playbook

By Chris Hotchkin

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a calm and restful holiday because right now, January  2016, it’s time to get busy electing Democrats!  We all know how important it will be to elect a Democrat to the Presidency of the United States. So much depends on this—a Supreme Court that will affirm the rights of all Americans, a commander-in chief who will be respected by our allies and the world, a leader who will get things accomplished for working families and protect programs essential to the well-being of our citizens.
We must elect Democrats to U.S. Congress in order to promote Democratic values in legislation regarding the economy, jobs, education, healthcare for all, and caring for our planet’s climate.
We must elect Democrats to the Illinois legislature in order to stand up to Governor Rauner’s attacks on workers, unions, and all those who depend on state services.
We must elect and re-elect Democrats to the DuPage County Board so that the many Democrats in this county have a voice in our local government.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the 2016 election is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. This is the time to step forward and declare, “I am ready to work for Democratic victories in 2016.”
We are the Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization and we play such a key role in all of these elections. We are the grassroots. We register voters, inform voters about Democratic candidates, and encourage the various ways to vote. We are the boots on the ground.

We are sending out a clarion call for all Downers Grove Township Democrats to join the campaign. We all have a role to play:  Some of us will be precinct committeemen who will register voters, inform voters, and get Democrats to vote. Someof us will help raise funds so that we can thoroughly spread our message. Some of us will host parties for candidates. Some of us will make phone calls to potential volunteers. Some of us will stuff candidate literature bags to be distributed across our township. Some of us will deliver yard signs. Some of us will serve as Democratic election judges and poll watchers to ensure fair and honest election processes. There is so much to be done, and we, the volunteers of the Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization are the ones who will get it done. We are a great organization with a long history of effective activism. Now is the time to join us as we campaign for Democratic victories in 2016.
The time to act is now! We cannot wait until September or October to win this election. This campaign starts now. We need to register voters, write to newspapers and social media about issues, recruit more volunteers, raise funds, show support to our candidates.
Join in! Get involved and be active.  We need you now more than ever.

We would love to talk with you about how you can contribute to electing Democrats up and down the ballot. We would love to chat over coffee. Contact Kim Savage at Kim@kimsavage.org or Chris Hotchkin at CHotchkin@sbclgobal.net or call Chris at 630-963-1131.