Why is My Hair on Fire!

By Carla Feinkind

The Republican Party is cynically using the rhetoric of hate and fear.

Fear Muslim terrorists.  Bar ALL Muslims from entering our nation because they are coming to kill you. Republicans scream this even in the face of the largest humanitarian crisis since WW11.   Records of attacks on Muslims and Mosques (and even Sikhs who are Not Muslim) have grown and escalated exponentially since the election season began.

Republican political rhetoric has gotten louder and uglier this election season.  The Donald is NOT the only misogynist, racist, fear monger, chicken hawk warrior running for office as a Republican.  For years the GOP had been whispering, winking and sometimes shouting these ugly things even  before the Donald launched his campaign by attacking Mexican “rapists and criminals”.  Was there any real GOP outrage over Trump’s remarks?  It is NOT just the Donald, hate is the GOP’s platform.

Hate, Fear and LIES!

Republicans held Congressional witch hunts (aka hearings) during which they repeatedly attacked Planned Parenthood based on the infamous lying doctored tapes!  Candidates repeated the lie that Planned Parenthood sells ‘baby parts’.  The GOP’s harangues led directly to that bloody terrorist attack on the Planned Parenthood site in Colorado. Since the GOP’s adoption of the lying tapes as a political talking tool, attacks and death threats against Planned Parenthood doctors and personnel have skyrocketed.

Fear!  Fear! GUNS! Republicans shout BE AFRAID and ARM YOURSELF! Guns are now a partisan GOP issue.  Astonishingly, the day after the deadly terrorist attack in San Bernardino, every Republican in Congress (but one) voted against banning gun sales to people on the no fly list!!  

BLAME THE GOP for riling up people and making sure they can be well armed.  The party of fear and hatred is deeply in the pocket of the NRA and is determined to prevent anything from coming between the gun manufacturers and their profits!!!

It’s all just politics! The Republicans use fear, hate and warmongering to distract.  “Don’t look as we oppose climate change treaties and regulations. Don’t look as we suppress your vote so we can steal elections! Don’t look as we vote to give huge tax cuts to the rich and cut off opportunities for the middle class and working poor.”

We should be very afraid of the GOP agenda to make this a caste society of the haves and have-nots.  Societies with gross inequalities are unstable and unsustainable.  Hate and fear and war can only distract for so long.

It is going to take EVERY SINGLE one of us to beat back the GOP’s haters and dividers.  In 2016, our American way of life hangs in the balance.  We need YOU to commit to play your part to elect Democrats.  We all have to call out the haters in Congress, in the media, in our communities. Starting NOW!! These are hair on fire times. Look at Chris Hotchkin’s piece for ways to help DGTO fight the haters and win Democratic victories in 2106.                                          
Make sure you check out The Stay Connected and Make your Voice Heard! section to see many ways to make sure you are heard! 

In 2016, work with us. Share this newsletter. Talking to each other on Face Book is great but, we have to do MORE to win in 2016.  We have to beat back the Republican machine of hate and fear to keep America great!  ARE YOU READY???