Stay Connected and Make Your Voice Heard!
Governor Rauner: 217 782-0244
Senate President: 217 782-2728
House Speaker: 217 782- 5350
White House: 202 456-1111
Switchboard to reach both houses of Congress:
202 224-3121
How to send letters to the editor:
Generally letters are limited to 250 words. Make sure your subject line says “letter to the editor” when you email your letter. You could add an explanatory phrase, e.g. subject heading “letter to the editor on COD.” Editors get a lot of emails, so it’s wise to make your subject heading descriptive.
You MUST include your address and daytime phone with your letter. They won’t publish it without calling you first.
Surburban Life:, cc (to be on the safe side)
The Doings, now part of the Tribune:
Print this out and save near your computer.  Add these numbers to your phones.
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Will you pledge to act?  If not now, when?