Are You Ready for Some Politics?

By Chris Hotchkin

“Are you ready for some politics?”  Are you ready to get in the game to elect Democrats in 2016?  What position will you play?

The most important position we will all play in the 2016 elections is VOTER. This includes voting in the Democratic primary on March 15. It is critically important that all Democrats vote in the primary and ask for a Democratic ballot.

At our general meeting in January we brainstormed some of the reasons it is important that Democrats vote in the primary, and urge our friends, neighbors, and co-workers to also vote. Voting in the Democratic primary strengthens the Democratic Party. It strengthens our township and county party organizations which support our state and national candidates. In 2008 in DuPage County there were more voters who took Democratic ballots than Republican ballots in the primary election.  This was so exciting and motivating for Democrats in DuPage County, and must have been very discouraging to GOP activists. Wouldn’t it be great to do it again in 2016?

Voting in the Democratic primary supports and encourages our Democratic candidates. If candidates get a large number of Democrats voting for them in the primary, it will make it easier for them to raise funds, recruit volunteers, and develop their organizations. Our Democratic candidates work so very hard—gathering petition signatures, going door to door to meet voters, getting out their message. We owe them the simple act of giving them our votes in the primary on March 15 and in the general election in November.

Should you cross over and play for the other team? Of course not! Unfortunately, in the 2014 primary election a number of Democrats crossed over and took Republican ballots to vote against Bruce Rauner and other right wing Republicans. How did that work out? It damaged the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates. We all know the harm Governor Rauner is doing to working families and people who need basic services in Illinois. We all know the extreme danger a Republican president poses to equality, a healthy environment, and peace. The best way to combat that danger is to vote for Democrats in 2016. Vote Democratic on March 15 and November 8, no matter who wins the Democratic nomination. Make sure you talk to everyone you know about why you will be voting in the Democratic primary and why they should too. If everyone gets in the game in March as well as this fall, Democratic candidates will prevail and the people of our great state and nation will be the winners.