Message from the Chair – February 2016

By Kim Savage

Watch out! The elephants are on the loose! Instead of running a strategically planned campaign, they look like someone took away their peanuts. They are running around wildly and trumpeting a cacophony of messages that are intended to promote fear and confusion among voters. The bad news is that sometimes that works, otherwise, why would anyone vote Republican?
The disarray of Republicans at the national level and the ham-handed behavior of the Governor at the state level are hurting middle class families. Our federal and state legislators have faced continual obstacles from the “Party of No”, but continue to advocate on our behalf. Thanks to “Citizens United”, millions in “dark money” is flowing into PACs that are designed to fool people into voting for more obstructionists or into staying home.
Despite barriers from the rabid right, 2016 provides us with the opportunity to elect great Democratic candidates. We can turn the misinformation campaign and the blatant attempts to buy elections to our advantage. For that to happen, Democrats must all be playing from the same play book. We must take away their peanuts and here is how we can do it.
Voter registration: Make sure everyone in your household who is eligible to vote is registered. Regular voter registration ends on February 16, but if you miss the deadline, “Grace Period Registration” runs from February 17-March 14 at the DuPage Election Commission and from February 29-March 14 at 11 Early Voting locations in DuPage County. Voters may still register on Election Day in their designated precincts. Anyone who will be 18 by November 8, 2016 may register now and vote in the Primary Election in March. For information on eligibility and documentation needed, visit the DuPage Election Commission Website, 
Be informed: Besides the Presidential Primary, there is also a contested primary for U.S. Senate and there are even contested primaries for two Precinct Committeeman races in Downers Grove Township.
Spread the word: We can elect Democratic County Board Members in Downers Grove Township if all likely Democrats come out and vote. Encourage your friends and family members to vote in the Democratic Primary.

Make sure you vote, stomp on those peanut shells, and watch the elephants run willy-nilly as we move in for the win!
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  1. Thank you kim. Very well-written.I specifically like "The elephants are on the loose! Instead of running a strategically planned campaign, they look like someone took away their peanuts."