We Need a Congressman Who Cares

By Amanda Howland, Candidate for IL 6th Congressional District

Amanda Howland, a candidate for Congress in the 6th District, is a trustee on the College of Lake County Board, recently re-elected to a second term.  She began her career as a teacher of special needs children and was also a grade school principal in Bartlett. She is now an attorney specializing in civil rights and employment discrimination law. 
She is also pro-choice, progressive on social issues, and pro-middle class, believing that government can help the economy grow, creating jobs for everyone who wants one.  In other words, she stands for everything that Peter Roskam, our current Congressman, does not.  For example –
1. Rep. Peter Roskam has stood in the way of student loan reform and is proud of it. Amanda Howland believes that student loan rates should be low, to help make college more affordable.  As a community college trustee she sees every day the burdens that student loans put on young families.
2. Roskam also believes that government should play a key role in women’s health decisions.  Amanda believes that those intimate decisions should be made by the woman and her family.
3. Roskam was a key player on the Benghazi committee that has spent almost $5 million in taxpayer money on an admitted politically-motivated witch hunt. Amanda believes the committee should be disbanded because Congress has more important things to do, like preserving Social Security. Roskam wants to privatize Social Security, of course.
You can help Amanda show Peter Roskam the door by attending her Kickoff Party right here in Downers Grove.  It will be Friday February 12 at Emmett’s Brewing Co., 5200 Main Street, Downers Grove.
Tickets are $40 and isn’t it worth it to be done with Peter Roskam?  Please RSVP to nancyshepherdson@gmail.com  or donate online at: http://amandahowlandforcongress.com/donate.htm
Other things that will help Amanda win are taking a yardsign, holding a house party for your friends or writing letters to the editor.  To volunteer, go to

http://amandahowlandforcongress.com/contact.php.   Amanda needs help right away because she has a primary opponent.  We’re looking forward to your help.