DGTDO Precinct Committeeman of the Year 2016 – Warka Barmada

By Kim Savage
Since becoming involved as a Precinct Committeeman, she has provided great support to the grassroots efforts to elect Democratic candidates, adding value to the Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization and the Democratic Party of DuPage County.
Warka actively works her precinct, as well as assisting with other tasks in neighboring precincts such as Election Judge and PC recruitment. She takes pride in knowing her precinct and working to get the Democrats out to vote.
Warka’s contributions do not stop at her precinct. She is one of our most reliable volunteers for voter outreach through phone banks and canvassing activities. She has also worked hard to build a connection between local Democrats and the Muslim community. She assists in helping our members understand the complexity of the situation in the Middle East by discussing issues at meetings.
Warka is well respected by other PCs for her dedication and drive. She canvasses regularly on canvass weekends, but also takes time during weekday afternoons to reach out to voters as they return home from work. She is one of our most reliable voter registrars and has recently scheduled registrations in nursing homes and other locations. In addition, she thoughtfully and enthusiastically participates in political discussions and contributes ideas on how to reach voters and volunteers. Warka also attended the last Camp Wellstone training offered by DPDC.

Her enthusiasm for supporting Democratic candidates and issues is admirable. She communicates the importance of involvement to others in a no-nonsense yet engaging manner. She does not think about working for Democrats only at election time, but is working for them every day because she knows that is the best way for us to elect more Democrats.