Precinct Committeeman GET OUT THE VOTE Checklist

By Chris Hotchkin

·        If you are a precinct committeeman, you should have received a packet in the mail from the DuPage County Election Commission containing a street list of voters, an alphabetical list of voters, a sample ballot, and a map of your precinct.
·        Contact the Democratic households in your precinct. You can knock on their door, drop a packet at their house, mail a packet to their house, or give them a call. Remind them of their choices for voting: Vote by Mail, Early Voting, or Vote on Election Day. Inform them about their polling place. Let them know how important it is to vote in the primary and to Vote Democratic. You might want to provide this information in the form of a letter to them. You can also include any candidate literature you have. It is perfectly ok for you to endorse a candidate in any primary races, e.g. President, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress in your letter. Remind your voters that you yourself are a candidate on the ballot for Precinct Committeeman and ask for their vote.
·        Attend the Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization meeting on March 9 at 7:30 p.m at the Downers Grove Firehouse on Main and 55th. Pick up Poll Watcher Credentials.
·        About March 11 or 12—find out who has voted early or requested a vote-by-mail ballot in your precinct.  If you have time, look up phone numbers for Democratic households in your precinct. Contact Democratic households who have notalready voted and remind them to vote on March 15. Remind them where their polling place is located. Remind voters who requested ballots by mail to complete and mail in their ballots.
·        Before 6:00 a.m. on March 15, visit your polling place. Take along your Poll Watcher credentials and your alphabetical list of voters. Hand your Pollwatcher Credentials to a judge. They will ask you to sign in. Check to see that the Election Judges are present, that voting machines are working, and everything is A-OK. If there are any problems, report them to Chris Hotchkin or Greg Hose. If you are feeling nice, take along some treats for the judges. If you cannot stay, give your alphabetical list to one of the Democratic judges and ask if they would be willing to check off voters on your list as they come in.
·        Late afternoon on March 15 return to your polling place. Check that everything has been going smoothly. Pick up your alphabetical list from the judge who was doing the checking off. Give a call or drop by any Democrats who have not yet voted and remind them again to please vote and vote Democratic. You cannot use your cell phone in the polling place—you will need to go home or to your car to make your calls.
·        Optional:  Before 7:00 p.m. return to your polling place. You must get there before the polls close at 7:00 or you will not be allowed in. Observe the judges as they close up the polls, put materials away, and run tapes on the machines. Ask them to print a copy of the tapes for you. They are not required to do this, but most will.
·         Feel really good that you did everything you could to get out the Democratic vote in your precinct. Enjoy watching the returns!