Vote Now!

By Chris Hotchkin


It’s time to vote!Election time is always exciting. Don’t miss out. Don’t let anyone in your family or your friends or neighbors or co-workers miss out. Remind them to vote and to ask for a Democratic ballot. We have seen the extreme differences between the disturbing messages and ugly tone of the Republican campaigns and the issues-oriented debates and compassionate, responsible messages of our Democratic candidates. Let us show the world that we choose the Democratic way by voting in the Democratic Primary Election.
If you have not yet voted in Early Voting or Vote by Mail, there is still plenty of time.
  • Early Voting will be available through Monday, March 14, at the Downers Grove Village Hall and other locations.
  • To Vote by Mail you need to apply right away on the DuPage Elections website (, as March 10 is the last day they will mail out ballots. To return your completed ballot, it must be postmarked by March 15 in order for your votes to count.
  • If you choose to vote in your polling place on Election Day March 15, polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Do you know someone who missed out on registering to vote? They can still register to vote at an Early Voting location or at their polling place on Election Day. Remember, if you know someone who will turn 18 by November 8, they may register to vote and vote in this primary election.
Ask for a Democratic ballot. It is critically important that we have a strong Democratic turnout in this primary election. This strengthens our Democratic Party and supports our Democratic candidates. Do not try to influence whom Republicans select or don’t select as their candidates. Let them run their own circus. Frankly, does it really matter who the Republicans nominate at this point? We have some great Democratic candidates who need our votes in the primary.
Vote the entire ballot. We all know how important it will be to select great Democratic candidates for President, U.S. Senate, and U.S. Congress. It is just as important to show our support for Democratic candidates who are farther down the ballot, whether they have a primary opponent or not. These candidates put in lots of time and work to gather petitions to get on the ballot. They are already out knocking on doors, raising funds, and recruiting their volunteers. Please remember to vote for Greg Hose’ for State Representative in the 81stLegislative District and for Liz Chaplin in County Board District 2 and for Joe Henegan and Anna Schiefelbein in County Board District 3 (Joe is running for the 2-year term and Anna is running for the 4-year term, so we can vote for both).

So choose which method you will use to vote, make a plan for you and your entire family to vote, and commit to making your voices heard in this important primary election in 2016.