What’s Got My Hair on Fire Now?

By Carla Feinkind

As a lifelong Progressive Democrat, I was excited to have two powerfully smart candidates. But, now the Democratic primary race is heating up and getting a bit UGLIER EVERY DAY.  I think we all have to focus on the REAL ISSUES:  keeping a Democrat in the White House, re-taking the majority in the Senate and making the biggest possible gains that we can in the gerrymandered House.  We MUST re-take and keep state houses and WIN local races.  The last few years have shown us that party matters now more than ever in my life time.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, like many activists, I felt there was little difference between the Republican and Democratic parties.  With the hindsight of history and especially the last 20+ years, can anyone seriously think this today? The GOP platform panders to its Tea Party masses. Now, the differences between the GOP and the Democrats are day and night.  

The GOP is spreading divisions and hatred that will not easily be put away.   The GOP is warring on minorities and women. The GOP is warring on science and ravaging our planet for profit. The GOP loves rattling its sabers but, it is our sons and daughters who are maimed and die in their wars.  There are profits to be made in war. The GOP locks up minorities and the poor for profit. The GOP is bad for your health as we have seen over and over again in Red states with high rates of illness and no healthcare.  There have even been cases of the purposeful poisoning of the water and air of poor communities for “cost cutting” and/or profit.

Will you pledge to line up behind the Democratic nominee in 2016 and to WORK YOUR BUTT OFF FOR THAT RACE AND ALL THE DOWN BALLOT RACES TOO?  THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS THE ONLY PARTY