Message from the Chair – June 2016

By Kim Savage

Have you been caught by the June Bug yet? You know that feeling to get out and become more active? Car shows, farmers’ markets, community events, ball games, summer vacations, and much more tug at us as the warm days bring us out into the sunshine. This year, the June Bug caught some of us early. With generous support from members and friends DGTDO now has a campaign headquarters right in the midst of downtown Downers Grove activity.
Since moving in, we have been getting organized and meeting some of our new neighbors. People in the neighborhood are very excited to see us right downtown. Like you, they are concerned about the Republican candidates on the ticket from the top all the way down the ballot. The nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for President, combined with the Republican attack on education and social services in Springfield and the Republican County Board members voting to raise their salaries gives us a golden opportunity to move Democratic voters to the polls.
Of course voters will not magically appear in the voting booths. You are the key to making it happen. Please come visit us on Downers Grove car show nights (Fridays) and Farmers’ Market Days (Saturday) and find out how you can help elect more Democrats to the County Board, County-wide offices, the State Legislature, and even the U.S. Congress and Senate. Be proud to tell your friends about what you are doing to elect Democrats.

To kick off a summer of fun and hard work, we are having a Grand Open House on June 4. Congressman Bill Foster is planning to come. Please join us and bring a friend. Check for details elsewhere in this newsletter. Who knows, maybe the June Bug will be there, too!