Why is My Hair on Fire Now?

By Carla Feinkind

The “truth of the matter” is … these are Hair On Fire Times!  
In 2016 we must ALL Vote BLUE no matter who and vote BLUE UP and DOWN the ballot in November!!!
Our new election office will help us do the CRITICAL grassroots work of beating back the GOP haters and the party’s new Hater in Chief, the newly declared GOP presidential nominee. From our new 906 Curtiss Street office in downtown Downers Grove, we will stage election activities, process mailings, stage canvassing and we can welcome new Democrats who are eager and ready to get involved!
Hey, did you know you can be eligible to win a great prize just from coming in to help elect Democrats and work at the office?  Each time you come to volunteer put a ticket w/ your name on it into the ticket container.  After the election, we will draw the name of some hard working volunteer.  The more you volunteer, the bigger your chance of winning grows! 
We want to see HUGE Democratic victories in 2016 and we in DGTO are ready to play our parts!  We are the MANY and we will WIN if we all pitch in, volunteer, donate, help us Get Out The Vote…and vote ourselves.   Lots of fun stuff will be happening as we work towards Democratic VICTORIES!  Help us BEAT Trumped Up Trump and all the Republicans Up and Down the ballot in 2016!!!!!  

BTW, start thinking about some good catchy “nick names” for Trump…The new GOP nominee loves strong nick- names and throws them about with gleeful  abandon…it’s time to throw a few at him!  If we can come up with a great tag and make it go “viral” hahah HE’D HATE THAT.  He understands the use of the BULLY tag.  Start thinking and stayed tuned.