Candidate: Michelle Gale, County Auditor

Michelle Gale, a resident of Glendale Heights, is running for DuPage County Auditor, a position with the responsibility to report on the County’s operations and the authority to conduct internal audits.  Michelle’s professional background is in international non-profit management, a field known for its extensive transparency requirements.  As director of Green Economics Institute, an international research institute, she has worked to improve systems and processes and manage expenditures and organizational operations.  She is also the lead editor of Greening Finance (2013).  She has volunteered with the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project and Who’s Counting Chicago.  She participated in the Audit of Cook County’s Board of Elections 5% Primary Retabulation, and testified to the CBOE on the validity of their audit and the importance of good, fair, independent audits for the proper functioning of our democracy.  She is preparing to take the test to become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).