News from Greg Hose, Candidate for State Representative, District 81.

The tension in Springfield appears to have become too much for some, including my opponent Ron Sandack. The foolish bombast we have come to expect was replaced this past week by aggressively inappropriate behavior.  Video of his tirade at Rep. Lou Lang can be found here (caution: offensive language).  Unsatisfied, Sandack, in the words of another representative, accosted a female House staffer.  Sandack’s defense, according to the Chicago Tribune: he got “in her face” to “talk with her”.

We deserve better than this poor-man’s Trump. This behavior is unacceptable in any forum, especially the General Assembly.  Leadership requires tact, calm reason and compromise – three things plainly lacking in our current representative.

Apparently unsatisfied with his boorish behavior my opponent has embarrassed our district by visibly supporting the unintelligent and financially wasteful shut-down that continues to force unnecessary suffering upon thousands of Illinois’ most vulnerable residents. We are better than forcing children, seniors, and the infirm to suffer during our political battles. Choosing not to pay the service providers that help those most in need in an effort to enact an economic agenda that will drive down middle class wages and benefits is not acceptable.

Our district and our residents deserve better.  We deserve a representative with the resolute determination to bring both sides together to grow the middle class and protect the most vulnerable among us.  I will provide steady leadership and work diligently to fulfill the wishes of our residents rather than pursue a radical agenda.

Please join me in this battle – together we can fight for a better Illinois with high wages and efficient, intelligent government. We can win the fight against Rauner’s radical agenda and its Trumpian spokesman Ron Sandack.  Please fight with us! Sign up to canvass or phone bank at


Greg Hose
Candidate – District 81