Convention Time in America

by Carla Feinkind

Two weeks, two conventions and two visions of America courtesy of two very different political parties.

If you watched the GOP convention you were either scared to death or motivated like hell to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November or, hopefully, BOTH.
Even Republican talking heads were shell-shocked and left nearly speechless by the rampant spewing of hate and scapegoating, the relentless fear-mongering.  It was and would be all hopelessly bleak…unless you elected the one man who could save us….Donald Trump.

AND then, the optimism, unity and humanity of the Democratic Convention could not be denied and the story line changed…The Democratic Convention told us in a positive way why we need Hillary Clinton to be President. The Democratic Convention told us that our nation is great and can be even greater and stronger when we Work Together.
Some highlights from some speakers at the Democratic convention

Cory Booker:  Indivisible equals invincible.  Wanna go fast? Go alone.  Wanna go far? Go together.  Clinton knows that our greatness is not measured by how many millionaires and billionaires we have but, by how many live in poverty.  You can’t love your country without loving your countrymen and countrywomen.
Elizabeth Warren: Trump tries to sell fear and loathing to split us into factions so he can divide and conquer. MLK reminded  us that poor whites were told “You are poor but you are better than the Black man”  When we turn on each other we lose and the rich win because we can’t unite to fight the rigged system.

Michelle Obama: Reminded us that who we elect to be our next president affects our children and future generations and that “When they go low, we go high”.

Keith Ellison: When they bring the fear, we bring the courage.  They bring the divisions, we bring unity.

Bernie Sanders: Our common theme is everyone must be united.

John Lewis: Hillary didn’t just want to do well. She wanted to do GOOD.

Harry Reid: Called for gun control and pointed his finger at the Republicans for failing to do anything to make us safe again from daily gun violence.
[**Many speakers spoke of the tragedy of out of control gun violence.  There was silence on this at the GOP convention except when Trump trumpeted that …”the NRA endorsed me the earliest they ever endorsed anyone.”]

Bloomberg: Talked about Trump’s hypocrisy about his business success. He has cheated small businessmen, cheated stockholders. Trump is RISKY, RECKLESS and RADICAL. “The only thing rich about Donald Trump is his hypocrisy”.

Tim Kaine: Clinton is “lista” (ready)!  She has the faith, heart and experience. Clinton knows we are stronger when we are together.
Gold Star Parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan: “Mr. Trump have you even read the constitution?”

President Obama:  DON’T BOO!  VOTE!!! People outside this nation do not understand what is going on. Hillary is respected around the world by leaders and people.  Hillary won’t torture. America is already great.

Hillary Clinton: “e pluribus unum”, out of many, we are one.” “We will not build a 
wall; instead we will build an economy…” “Americans don’t say, ‘I alone can fix it’. We say, ‘We’ll fix it together.’” Hillary gave a speech that recognized the challenges America is facing, but was filled with optimism, patriotism, and a belief in the greatness of the American people to accomplish great things together.

The two parties, their candidates and their visions of America could not be more different.  I think the candidates truly reflect the values of their parties. I have never been prouder to be a Democrat.  If you agree, please join us to elect Hillary Clinton, the first woman President and give her a ready- to- work Democratic Congress.  Let’s put America back to work for US again.  Let’s use our passions and energies to defeat the GOP haters and the dividers.  Because it is NOT just Trump.  It is the whole GOP!!! Vote BLUE top to bottom because EVERY RACE, EVERYWHERE, MATTERS!