Greg Hose, next state Rep. 81st Dist.: Momentum is Growing!

What a couple weeks we have had!
The momentum around Greg’s campaign continues to grow as people from all political backgrounds rally to his message of property tax relief, saying “No” to Springfield politicians who want to take dollars from our classrooms to bail out their mismanaged school districts, and his demand for a balanced state budget that protects vital services.
We’ve also seen tremendous support from all corners of the district.  We’ve engaged dozens of new volunteers in getting Greg’s message out, have four laptops donated to assist with phone banking and now have an “industrial” strength printer printing thousands of letters that our wonderful mail team prepares each week.
As you know, former state Representative Ron Sandack abruptly resigned on July 25th.  Immediately, word began to spread that David Olsen was the “chosen one” of the local GOP establishment.  Five days after Sandack resigned, word came from inside a closed door meeting that Olsen was going to be appointed to fill the vacancy.
Olsen, both a Downers Grove Council Member and College of DuPage Board Member had been chosen by the DuPage County GOP Chairman to yet another elected office.  Sadly, the public was not allowed to view, let alone participate in this process.  What happened to transparency and “government of the people?”  When it came to appointing Sandack’s replacement, that all took a back seat to the DuPage County GOP Chairman’s desire to install his handpicked replacement in record time. 
But we won’t let David Olsen be given yet another elected office!  We are campaigning every day to spread Greg’s message and with your help, and that of the voters, the office one man gave Olsen will be taken from him by thousands of Greg’s supporters … one door … one vote at a time.  
#TeamGreg is having a Day of Action on Saturday, August 13th and Saturday, August 27th. You can help by speaking with voters at their doors, stuffing envelopes, or writing postcards to your neighbors. We have many ways you can help Greg. Please come join us and be a part of the team.  Please contact Ben at to join #TeamGreg.
Thank you again for everything!
Benjamin Robbins
Campaign Manager – Greg for Illinois
PS – We are excited to say #TeamGreg grew again this week with the addition of a new round of interns.  (If you know of anyone who would like to intern with us, please contact