Message from the Chair August 2016

Last week, I took a road trip to Philadelphia. Being in the midst of the celebration as the first woman was nominated for President by a major political party was truly inspiring! From the opening gavel to the balloon drop, the Democrats made a strong case for electing Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.

Dianne McGuire, Fred Greenwood and I were fortunate to have opportunities to visit with many of our Illinois friends both delegates and non-delegates, meet members of the Democratic Municipal Officials organization, attended functions, and watched four nights of amazing speeches live in the Wells Fargo Center! I also had the opportunity to attend the Illinois Delegation breakfast with officers of Illinois Democratic Women: Laura Fletcher and Pam Monetti, Co-President, Donna Miller, 2nd Vice President and Barbara Brumfield, Secretary and many of the graduates of the Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership as we presented networking and leadership opportunities for Democratic women in Illinois.

As President Obama stated, “There has never been a man or woman, not me, not Bill (Clinton), more qualified than Hillary to serve as US President.” His statement, along with the terror many of us feel as we listen to Donald Trump bloviate, has galvanized support for Secretary Clinton.

It is not enough to hope that Hillary will beat Trump or to worry about what will happen if he wins. We must all do whatever we can to make sure that we have a Democratic President! From making sure our friends and relatives vote Democratic to reaching out to pushing every last Democrat to the polls, there are tons of ways that we can all help. Remember, the next President will probably appoint four Supreme Court judges, as well as many federal judges.

However, getting people to vote for Hillary Clinton is not enough! It is essential that we elect a Democratic Senate! The Senate race in Illinois is the most important one in the entire country. Please help us reach out to voters to elect Tammy Duckworth to the U.S. Senate. Currently, canvassing and phone banking opportunities are available from our office at 906 Curtiss St in Downers Grove.

Please see information about all of the other candidates for Congressional, state, and county races elsewhere in this newsletter. It is vital that we get out and help all of these candidates.

In one of the most stunning recent events the Rauner-esque State Representative Ron Sandack resigned from the legislature, virtually leaving an open seat in Downers Grove. This opportunity has been a long time in coming and has amplified the excitement for the 81st State Representative race. Our own DGTDO Vice-chair Greg Hose has been working hard to contact voters, but we all have a stake in this race! Please volunteer as you are able to help Greg and the other candidates win big in November.

This exhilarating and monumental week will drive us to victory in this election. While this week will provide me with many memories, when asked what my most memorable moment was, I have to say it was the series of texts and conversations with Greg Hose on Sunday night as I arrived in Pennsylvania and learned that his opponent had resigned from the legislature. It is historic and a game-changer!

We have been waiting for this week for a long time! Go Democrats!