Democrats on the Ballot in 2016

The following is a list of all the Democrats running for office in our DGTDO area.

It takes money and our support to run for office.  Please check out these candidates.  Our support means everything to them. Perhaps you can  think about volunteering… and even donating.  Every little bit helps a LOT!
Spread the word about these people.  Let’s get them elected in November!!!!!!

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth for US Senate from Ilinois

Congressman Mike Quigley 5th Congressional District (incumbent)

Amanda Howland 6th Congressional District

Congressman Bill Foster 11th Congressional District (incumbent)

Susana Mendoza for Il State Comptroller

Greg Hose for Il State Rep Dist 81

Liz Chaplin for DuPage County Board Dist 2

Anna Schiefelbein for DuPage County Board Dist 3

Joe Heneghan for DuPage County Board Dist 3

Christopher English for DuPage County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Michelle Gale for DuPage County Auditor

Moon Khan for DuPage County Recorder of Deeds

Jennifer Shilakis Wiesner for Judge of the 18th District Circuit Court