Governor Rauner joins Republican “Suppress the Vote” efforts

 – On Friday August 12 Rauner vetoed the automatic registration bill which could add 2 million new voters to the state’s rolls.  The bill passed in late May with overwhelming support in both houses , and then sat on Rauner’s desk for over 2 months while he waited until the last minute to issue his veto, preventing a vote to override until November.  He claimed he had concerns with potential voting fraud but maybe more importantly, he wants to delay implementation until 2019 – after the next gubernatorial election in 2018 when he will be up for reelection.
One Illinois Republican complained that the bill would make political participation too easy.  (!) “I think it’s important for the voter to have a little bit of initiative to do what they need to do and not just automatically be signed up”  said Rep David Harris (R-Arlington Heights).  Contact the Governor (217-782-0244)  to voice your opposition to the veto and your State Rep to urge him or her to override the veto when lawmakers return to the Capitol in late November.

 – On the campaign finance front Rauner has been spending money – lots of money.  As of August 25, 2016, the Illinois Republican Party has raised $16,914,288 so far this cycle.  $16,071,600 has come from Rauner’s Committee, Rauner himself and his wife.  What’s so chilling about this is that after buying his own election, Rauner is now controlling every elected Republican with the implied threat of a primary opponent with unlimited amounts of money to spend.  Gridlock in Springfield went from being a problem to an entrenched institution the day Rauner successfully bought his own office and seized control of Republican legislators.