Greg Hose for State Rep: A Priority Race for All Democrats, Not Only those in the 81st Illinois House District.

This election year we cannot help but watch in horror at the presidential election. That is why it is important, especially now, to focus our efforts where we can have the greatest effect, where we can do the most good.

Springfield politicians are trying to make dangerous cuts to critical programs and services like medical care for the elderly, disabled, services for victims of child abuse, and the nursing home care of thousands of frail elderly residents. Governor Rauner is spending tens of millions of dollars of his own money to force his extreme agenda on Illinois families. But we cannot stand by and allow the vulnerable to be hurt or accept a political culture that rewards political insiders at the expense of middle-class families. The Democrats of Downers Grove Township and Dupage County should prioritize Greg’s race because Illinois needs his family-focused, experienced voice in Illinois government.

Not only is Greg’s race a priority for us in order to block Governor Rauner’s extreme agenda but also because #TeamGreg has a very good chance to win a new Democratic seat in Dupage County. We know that if Democrats are going to grow in DuPage County we need to do it by focusing our efforts on priority races rather than dividing ourselves into our local districts.

Help Greg win this race and not only will you be blocking Governor Rauner’s extreme agenda and supporting the working families of our community but you will also be making a strong first step toward turning Downers Grove Township and DuPage County blue.

#TeamGreg is having a Day of Action on Saturday, September 10th and Saturday, September 17th. You can help by speaking with voters at their doors, stuffing envelopes, or writing postcards to your neighbors. We have many ways you can help Greg. Please come join us and be a part of the team. Please contact Ben at to join #TeamGreg.

Thank you again for everything!

Benjamin Robbins
Campaign Manager – Greg for Illinois