Message from the Chair September 2016

By Kim Savage
How many times a day does someone tell you they are frightened about the outcome of the Presidential Election? Some days it seems like too many to count with people anxiously wanting reassurance that it will all turn out ok.
It’s time to stop worrying, become educated and TAKE ACTION! Election Day is less than two months away.
Electing Hillary Clinton as president is critically important for many reasons.  Supreme Court and other Federal Court appointments made by the President impact the future of our country and without a Democratic  President we will surely be on a dangerous path backwards toward a society that is inherently intolerant and unequal. We must ensure that Democrats do not take this election for granted and come out to vote. TAKE ACTION now and make sure people understand why it is important to elect Hillary Clinton.
The future of our country does not stop with the Chief Executive. Regaining control of the U.S. Senate is vital to the success of our Democratic President! The Senate confirms the Supreme Court appointments. Illinois is a key player in this mission. We must work hard to elect Tammy Duckworth! Her opponent is still viewed by many as a moderate, but his record shows a different story. TAKE ACTION and help spread the word about the importance of electing Tammy Duckworth. With the media’s incessant chatter about the presidential race, down ballot contests are being drowned out by the noise. In fact, an alien from outer space, or an uninformed voter might not even be aware that there are other offices up for election.
Unless you live under a rock, you are surely aware that Illinois has a Governor who is committed to union busting and destroying the safety net for the most vulnerable people in our state. The current Comptroller is a rubber stamp for Rauner’s reckless agenda. You can be part of the change by making sure that we elect competent, energetic Susana Mendoza as the next Illinois Comptroller to serve as a check and balance on the destructive decisions that are being made in our state. We invite you to come meet her at our annual Winetasting Event on September 17. TAKE ACTION, meet Susana Mendoza and educate your neighbors about how she will insure that vulnerable people in Illinois are protected.
Did you know that Downers Grove Township is represented by three Democrats in the U.S. Congress? That is great news, except that six out of ten registered voters is represented by ultra-conservative Peter  Roskam. TAKE ACTION and encourage friends and neighbors to re-elect Mike Quigley, Bill Foster and Dan Lipinski,  AND elect Amanda Howland.
The farther we move down the ballot, the less likely people are to vote in the race. The reasons are numerous but it basically comes down to the fact that voters are not familiar with the candidates. They are also swayed by the pervasive myth that this area is dominated by Republicans. The misconception is based on the fact that Republicans control the township, county, and many legislative posts in our area.  Local Republicans have the money to promote their candidates and the social networks to expand their reach.
The good news is that we have one of the most winnable State Rep races in Illinois this year. We can out organize and out walk the Republicans to elect Greg Hose, but it is a team effort. The tug of war for the seat vacated by Ron Sandack requires our collective strength to educate voters at the doors and on the phones. Greg Hose represents our Democratic values and will advocate for us in Springfield. Whether you live in the 81stDistrict or not, the outcome of this race will have a profound impact on the direction of our state, our county, and our township. TAKE ACTION now to make sure that Greg is victorious over his inexperienced (and Rauner picked) opponent.
The county races for Clerk of the Circuit Court, Recorder, Auditor and County Board are the bedrock for a strong Democratic foundation in Downers Grove Township. The candidates are capable, eager to serve the community, and need your support to successfully unseat Republican incumbents. Please read more about them elsewhere in this newsletter.

The bottom line is that Democratic turnout is critical in this election. Your help is needed to make this happen up and down the ballot. Share your newsletter, use social media, and most importantly pitch in to the best of your ability to foster success at the polls in November. There are just a few weeks left, so don’t put it off! TAKE ACTION NOW!