“Why I’m running/ Why My Race Is Important”

By Susana Mendoza

The Comptroller’s office is the most important office that many people have never heard of. It plays a vital role in prioritizing who gets paid and when. This role is especially important during times of fiscal crisis. We have witnessed what the devastation of the past two years have done to our social services, schools and working families.

The middle class is under attack by Governor Bruce Rauner and his self­proclaimed wingman, Comptroller Leslie Munger. Governor Rauner’s top priorities are to destroy unions and take away the social safety net that provides opportunities for so many families in Illinois to lift themselves out of poverty. Rather than stand­up to the Governor’s disastrous Turn Around Agenda, his hand­picked Comptroller appointee, Leslie Munger,  champions it.

Comptroller Munger remained silent when Governor Rauner cut autism funding on World Autism Day. She was silent when he vetoed childcare assistance funding that benefits working mothers on Women’s Equality Day. I’m running for Comptroller because Illinoisans deserve much better than complicit silence. I will be an independent truth­telling fiscal watchdog that prioritizes both the fiscal and moral health of the State.

As a former legislator and current Chicago City Clerk, I have the experience to lead as Comptroller. As Chicago City Clerk, Chicagoans have seen how, in just four years, I dramatically and successfully overhauled the City Clerk’s Office to better serve them. Our 21st Century reboot of a City Sticker Program dating back to 1908, was lauded by both customers and national experts on innovation in government, and earned us the “Bright Idea Award” from Harvard University. Our Office is recognized as a model in government efficiency. Unlike most government offices, I have led the charge of doing more with less. That means, streamlining systems, cutting overtime, reducing headcount, and voluntarily coming in under budget year after year. I have saved Chicagoans millions of dollars, all the while improving customer service.

Additionally, we have generated over $50 million dollars in new, sustainable revenue for Chicago by eliminating fraud and continually innovating. I look forward to bringing this expertise to the Office of the Comptroller.