Amanda Howland: What’s at Stake in 2016

By Amanda Howland, Candidate for U.S. Congress, 6th District

Do you want an America where money doesn’t rule and more people get a fair shake?  Barack Obama has been stymied by a Congress bent on obstructing his progressive ideas at every turn.  A Republican Congress will be even less likely to cooperate with Hillary, someone the Republicans have villified for decades.

  • But that is not the only reason that I am working hard to defeat Peter Roskam.  He tries to portray himself as a moderate but, in fact, he is an extremist, out of touch with our district.  Let me count the ways (some of them at least):
  • Choice: The first bill he sponsored in Congress was a “personhood” bill that defines life as beginning at conception which makes abortion murder.  And Planned Parenthood is now his top target.
  • Student Loans: Believes in a “market-based” approach to setting student loan rates: high rates and no flexibility.  Just what his big bank donors ordered.
  • Medicare and Social Security: Roskam’s solution is to privatize Social Security, a windfall for Wall Street, and make Medicare into a voucher program.  
  • Big Money in Campaigns. Roskam thinks Citizens United was a great free speech decision. And he recently introduced a bill allowing even more dark money into politics.

Let me put it simply.  Everything that would help the middle class, our current “representative” is predictably against.

We need your help to bring about a change in Congress.  If you can write letters to the editor, knock on doors, or make phone calls, please contact me at  The Congress (and President) you save could be your own.