Are you a millennial or do you know one?

By Carla Feinkind

The media repeatedly tells us  that millennials are  disaffected and may not vote or they will vote for a third party candidate.

Thinking of voting for the “What’s Aleppo” man?  The guy who couldn’t think of one living world leader that he admired!  *He has repeatedly said he wants to repeal Obamacare. *He is not interested in free college or your student loan burden.  *Johnson likes private prisons. *He advocates for lower taxes on the rich which will mean slashing public services.  Maybe he’ll give away free boot straps.   *He largely ignores climate change which he believes is manmade. But, he believes that one day the sun will engulf the earth anyway…”so, fire up more coal fired plants”.  There is video tape.  And, just FYI,  his campaign is “fueled” by Koch Bros. money…Yes, those uber rich oligarchs who are against all regulations on  …oil and gas, the source of their money

Or you can vote for Hillary who has been a liberal, progressive Democrat her entire adult life.  She is smart and ready and has spent her whole life working for those in need, here and in other nations. *She fought to make sure schools were integrated right out of college. *She fought like hell for single payer insurance and when she failed she made sure that at least poor children would have health insurance. *She fought and is still fighting for women’s rights.  *She has plans to lessen student loan debt.

I hope you vote for Hillary and every down ballot Democrat.  In 2016 it is NOT just Trump… it is EVERYTHING!  You decide