Precinct Committeemen To-Do List Between now and Election Day, November 8

Precinct Committeemen To-Do List
Between now and Election Day, November 8

  • Compose a letter to Democratic voters in your precinct.
    • Inform them of the various ways they can vote: By Mail, Early Voting, Polling Place on Election Day. Information on these is available on the DuPage County Elections website.
    • Remind them of the location of your polling place.
    • Highlight a few of our great Democratic candidates—your choice.
    • Some committeemen include a sample ballot. You can get this on the website Click on Voters and type in your address. We will also have copies of a nice looking sample ballot for our township available at our office soon.
  • Pick up candidate literature at our DGTDO Headquarters, 906 W. Curtiss, Downers Grove. It is helpful to let our Chair Kim Savage or Chris Hotchkin know when you will be stopping in to pick up so we can make sure we have a DGTDO volunteer there to assist you and the materials you will need. There are bags already stuffed with literature for your area.
  • Stuff your precinct letter into your bags.
  • Deliver these bags to Democrats in your precinct. Kim can prepare a list for you or you can use the voter lists provided to you by the Election Commission. Some precinct committeemen request labels for Democratic households from the Election Commission. You can do that on the above website. Click on Candidates and Campaigns and Request Election Materials. Go to the Voter Label Request section.
    • The best voter contact is to ring the doorbell and hand the bag in person to our voter.
    • Ask your voter how they plan to vote in this election. Having them think about this and commit to a plan makes it more likely they will follow through and vote.
    • If it applies remind them that young people can register and vote if they turn 18 by November 8. Grace period registration can be done at Early Voting locations, including the Downers Grove Village Hall.
  • Volunteer to canvass or phone bank for one of the campaigns:  Hillary Clinton, Tammy Duckworth, Amanda Howland, Bill Foster, Greg Hose, County Board. Kim sends out schedules for these canvasses and phone banks at least weekly. READ YOUR EMAIL!
  • Close to Election Day, hand out door hangers from one or more of our campaigns, reminding your Democrats to vote. They will be available at our headquarters and we will provide information when they become available.
  • Plan to Poll Watch your precinct on Election Day if you can.
We will provide information about what to do on Election Day and about Poll Watching in our next newsletter.