Greg Hose, Candidate for 81st District State Representative

By Ben Robbins, Campaign Manager for Greg Hose

It’s more important than ever to vote in the 81st District. While many focus on the races for President and the U.S. Senate, there are critical issues at stake for the State of Illinois and our region: will we continue with gridlock driven by an extreme partisan agenda or will we work cooperatively to find common ground and sensible solutions?  Will we pursue policies that drive down middle class wages and benefits or seek to grow the middle class and lift others into it?  Will we balance the budget on the backs of the least among us or will we ask multimillionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share?  Will we slash necessary services families rely upon or will we focus on eliminating waste by consolidating government by eliminating overlapping units and unnecessary divisions?

The choice is clear: Illinois needs a new direction focused on common sense solutions and protecting the middle class. Vote Greg Hose for State Representative.