Meet the Candidates

Ardyth L. Duhatschek, Candidate for Township Supervisor
I am thrilled to run for the Downers Grove Township Supervisor. My hope is that my experiences as a social worker plus my many positions on county and state boards when I lived in Wisconsin will help me to better understand how to best serve the township as a whole and also those in the department which I will oversee—the Human Services Department. Also, as the wife of a husband who used a wheel chair and needed paratransit while he was alive, I learned about the strengths and weaknesses of our paratransit system. My goals are to improve outreach as well as services for all of the people in our township.
Ardyth Duhatschek-Krause, MSW, Ph.D.

Anne Sommerkamp, Candidate for Downers Grove Township Clerk:
The Township Clerk serves as the communities’ direct link to the Township Board. My goals include keeping citizens informed through solid press releases, working for more community involvement, and keeping residents informed of Board expenditures.
I am married to Steve Osterling we have two children at USC in LA. Both kids attended District 58 and 99 schools where I volunteered in PTA, Choir, and Orchestra. Currently, I work at Northwestern Medicine as a Prenatal Educator.
Steve Leopoldo, Candidate for Downers Grove Township Highway Commissioner:
Illinois has one of the highest property taxes in the nation and nearly 7,000 local taxing bodies.  Republicans and Democrats agree that we need to make Illinois affordable again. As Highway Commissioner, I will work to move the maintenance of the fewer than 40 miles of roads, which are overseen by the Township at a cost of over $3.2 million, to the bordering municipalities, eliminating redundancy and reducing our taxes.

Karol Sole, Candidate for Downers Grove Township Trustee:

Having chosen to attend the meetings of the Downers Grove Township starting in 2008, Karol has attended more meetings of the Township Government than any other Trustee Candidate, acquiring knowledge of the purposes, history and potential of Township Government.

Experienced board member, having served as an elected community college trustee (while living in Iowa) and on the boards of directors of multiple not-for-profit organizations, including the Illinois Association of Parliamentarians.
As an environmental, health and safety professional with an engineering degree, brings leadership, management and budgeting skills to the decisions facing the Township and Illinois local governments.

Karol moved to Westmont in 2004 to be closer to her son and his wife, and to enjoy their four children.

Mehrunisa Qayyum, Candidate for Downers Grove Township Trustee

I graduated from Gower and Hinsdale High Schools. After getting degrees from Georgetown and the University of Chicago in  public policy and an MA from Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy I worked in DC,  I worked with  bi partisan Congressional committees where my mission was to detect waste fraud and abuse of taxpayers.  I have come home to serve my neighbors  and to help bring our neighbors of different cultures together.  I am honored to campaign with a team that values families and is #Here2ServeU.