Message from the Chair February 2017

by Kim Savage
Just days into the Trump regime, a rollercoaster of emotions has zipped through the country as we were bombarded by alternative facts and a series of Executive Orders that have been thrown like spaghetti at the wall. The Administration has backtracked on some due to public pressure, but there seems to be no end in sight to the hate and ugliness that has overcome our country.
It is an uncomfortable time and it is frightening. The majority of Americans are not old enough to remember the McCarthy Era and earlier times when predecessors of the Alt-Right were vocal and gaining traction in our country. In contrast, a large number of immigrants sought a new life in our country to escape oppression in their former homes only to be faced with rising anger, hate, and prejudice.
It is easy to slip into despair, but we cannot afford to hide under the covers or wallow in pity. Millions of people marched across the world on January 21 and thousands have continued protests at airports in response to the Muslim ban. The U.S. Park Service, NASA, and EPA employees have set up rogue twitter accounts. The acting Attorney General refused to defend the Muslim ban Executive Order in court (and was fired while I was writing this). People, including many of you, are standing up to take action and resist actions that do not represent who were are as Americans.
The movement inspires more people every day and it continues to grow, but it will be a long and hard road. We must be sure to stay focused on the issues and not get distracted by tactics that are intended to fracture and confuse the movement. We must continue to stand up and take notice of everything around us. We must take action where we can. We must resist policies and appointments that violate our values as Americans and as Human Beings. We must vote and make sure everyone we know is educated on the issues and votes.

Make your phone calls. Read credible news sources. Visit your elected officials. Write letters. Talk to your neighbors. This is a major emergency to save the heart of our country. Keep moving and what ever happens, DO NOT SIT BACK DOWN!