Message from the Chair – March 2017

We’re not waiting for 2018 to roll around – hit the GOP where it hurts now and vote on April 4!
The outcome of the November election still stings, but a great wave of engagement continues to grow with each passing week as determined citizens stand up, take action, and resist. Our office is busy with volunteers writing postcards, making calls to their Congressional Representatives, Senators, and State Legislator on issues, and just coming in to find a safe place to share their thoughts. All of us should be proud of the collective energy that emanates from each of us to push us toward overcoming the attacks on the middle class, immigrants, people of color, LGTBQ, religious freedom, and freedom of speech. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so we need to remain energized to reach 2018.
But, guess what? The next election is now! Since our December Democratic Township Caucus, we have five outstanding candidates for Township Offices who have been busy meeting with neighbors and spreading the word that we need to find more efficient ways to deliver needed services, providing taxpayers with value for the taxes they pay. We have the opportunity to end Republican domination of the Township government right here and right now! Imagine the message that we will be sending from Downers Grove Township to the world by defeating an entrenched Republican machine! If you are ready to signal that Democrats are fired up then vote on April 4, and make sure you get as many others to the polls as you can.

Following the April 4th election, there is much to do to insure Democratic victories in 2018. It all starts locally, so get ready to Stand Up; Take Action; Resist; and Vote!