Why are they running? Our Democratic candidates for the Downers Grove Township Offices answer that question!

Ardyth Krause, Candidate for Township Supervisor
When I studied to be a social worker, what I most wanted to do was called “macro-practice.” This is working to improve communities, states, even the country– with the goals of achieving social and economic justice, a participatory democracy, human dignity, equality, freedom, respect for diversity, and community empowerment. I was never able to find that job until finally, at the age of fifty-nine, I got elected to the Eau Claire County Board. Now that I have moved back to my hometown area, I long to do the same thing here. I chose to run for the position of Supervisor of Downers Grove Township because I have the training and experience that makes me know that I can do it—and do it well. But more than this, my decision to run comes from a passion to help that originates from my very core. 
Anne Sommerkamp, Candidate for Township Clerk
I want to serve as your Clerk because — no matter your political beliefs — recent events have demonstrated the importance of communication between citizens and their public servants. I’m running because I spent November 9th crying on my couch wondering what happened to my country, my state, and my party. November 10th I got up, dried my eyes, and thought to myself, “I have to be the change I want to see.” When asked to run for Township Clerk it took all of five seconds to say yes.
Steve Leopoldo, Candidate for Highway Commissioner 
I feel strongly about giving taxpayers relief from outdated layers of government. The amount of unincorporated roads in our Township has shrunk significantly since the 1800s, now with just a few areas scattered across the villages and cities. Despite having few roads to care for, the Township still charges taxpayers nearly three million dollars a year. I will work to consolidate and contract out the remaining miles of unincorporated roads while keeping the service level high. I will ensure our streets continue to be well maintained and that the villages and cities that service them are fairly compensated and can properly take on the work.

Karol Sole, Candidate for Township Trustee
As a citizen who is dedicated to efficient, transparent government, I have been attending the meetings of Downers Grove Township government for 8 years. I understand the functions and mechanics of the township government and have developed a keen awareness of the weaknesses that suggest improvements for its operation. With a degree in Industrial Engineering and years of experience as a management professional for environmental and safety projects, I have a unique skillset and offer a new perspective. I am ready to jump right into the issues and decisions that come before the board. I think it is important to bring another viewpoint, a Democratic viewpoint, to the board.
Mehrunisa Qayyum, Candidate for Township Trustee

I am running because I feel that some local officials ignore their responsibility and do not support all the communities that they represent.  I am running because in his Farewell Address, President Obama asked me to channel my disappointment with these officials by grabbing my clipboard and lacing up my shoes to run.  I have run for causes, why not run for community?  I grew up in this area, attending Gower and Hinsdale schools  and subsequently received degrees from Georgetown and the University of Chicago.  After working for various Congressional Committees to detect waste, fraud and taxpayer abuse I have returned to live in Downers Grove Township and hope to put my education and experience to use as Trustee for the Township.