Show Your People Power on April 11!

We had a huge victory when the GOP was forced to pull their much ballyhooed Repeal and Replace bill! That’s People Power! Victories are won from the ground up……….and this is our chance for a victory in our own back yard!

The Downers Grove Township Annual Meeting

 – Tuesday April 11
 – Ashayana Banquets, 1620  75th St, DG (in the mall on the north side of 75th, west of Lemont).
 – Doors open at 6:15, you must sign in BEFORE the start of the meeting at 7:30.
 – You must be a registered voter in DG Township

We are asking ALL Democrats to attend this very important annual meeting.  The township is currently completely controlled by Republicans and although it’s the voters at the meeting who elect a Moderator, approve the agenda and vote on items on the agenda, the Republican Township Organization has ALREADY decided who they will elect as Moderator.  If we have a really good showing WE can elect one of us as the Moderator – what an amazing show of resistance to the Republican agenda and control of the township that would be!

Another very important reason we are asking all Democrats to attend is to support our position that the Township has usurped our right to place an item on the Township agenda.  The background:  The following advisory question was properly submitted (prior to March 1st as required) to the Township Board:

Shall Downers Grove Township enact a ‘Welcoming Township Ordinance’ to resolve that our residents, organizations, and houses of worship be commended, honored, and encouraged to undertake efforts to help settle immigrants and refugees in Downers Grove Township and for their continued effort at creating an environment that respects the dignity of all people, regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.

The Illinois Township Code allows for any group of registered voters to request an advisory question of public policy for consideration by the Electors (all registered voters in the township) at the annual meeting, by giving written notice of the advisory questions to the township clerk by March 1 prior to the Annual Meeting.  The code does not specify or preclude any content in these advisory questions:  “The agenda published by the township board shall include any such questions if the request is timely filed.”  

At the March 16th meeting of the Downers Grove Township Board of Trustees, after initially moving to place the Advisory Question on the Agenda, the Township Board was directed to reject our Advisory Question as not within the specific powers of townships as outlined in state code.  
The Downer Grove Township Trustees usurped the right of the Electors to vote on this item which should have been placed on the agenda of the Annual Town Meeting.

Please join us at the Annual Town Meeting on April 11th to support democracy (small d) and Democrats in Downers Grove Township!