Thank You Candidates and Volunteers

As he left office, President Obama looked out at all of us and asked us to STAND UP, lace on our shoes, grab a clip board and BE A CITIZEN!

We want to thank the talented people who followed President Obama’s advice and stepped up to run for the Downers Grove Township Board:  Ardyth Krause for Supervisor, Anne Sommerkamp for Township Clerk, Steve Leopoldo for Highway Commissioner, and Karol Sole and Mehrunisa Qayyum for Trustee.

They worked hard to communicate what the Township Board does and what they wanted to do to improve the Board.  They all jumped right in, attending meetings so that they’d be ready immediately after the election.  Everywhere you looked, you saw these passionate candidates out meeting the people of the Township.

A special thanks goes out to their equally hardworking and passionate campaign managers, Chris Hotchkin and Warka Barmada. Together these five candidates and their campaign managers ran the most intensive campaign for the Township Board we’ve ever seen. In addition dozens of volunteers made hundreds of calls and knocked on hundreds of doors. They all did as Obama asked – they stood up and were CITIZENS.

TO THE SLATE AND THEIR CAMPAIGN MANAGERS and the people who volunteered for the campaign..….THANK YOU!!!!