DGTDO Action Teams

Several Action Teams have been formed to address issues of interest to our DGTDO Community. The following Action Teams welcome interested members:

Voter Registration
Voter Suppression
Gun Violence

The Campaign 101 Action Team will be scheduling sessions to help people learn about effective voter outreach and how individuals can plug in to ensure that good Democrats are elected.

The Jobs Action Team has developed an outline for areas of focus. Initial research has been conducted by some students from Hinsdale Central High School. The team will reconvene soon to discuss how to implement actions.

Is there an issue that you are passionate about? Propose an Action Team so that we can put your passion into motion. Email dgdemocrats@gmail.com with your suggestions.

To join an Action Team, please fill out our interest survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CJFQW7W (if you have not already completed it).