Message from the Chair May 2017

2018 Starts Now

The Republican penchant for failing voters continues to rise to new levels. Just when you think they have tried every trick in the book, they do something else that insults voters and actually causes harm to millions of people. The good news is that voters are uniting to resist the insanity! Yes, 2018 starts now!
Kudos to everyone who has given voice to the struggle by visiting, calling and writing elected officials; attending local governmental meetings; lobbying in Springfield; and participating in marches and protests. Despite our efforts, Rauner has raised gridlock to a new level and the actors in Washington are scrambling like characters in a slap-stick comedy. However, it is not funny and the most vulnerable among us are collateral damage.
We must continue to Stand Up, Take Action, Resist, and Vote! The most important part of this strategy is the last part, Vote! We can take action and resist until the cows come home, but unless we mobilize voters to take out Bruce Rauner, Peter Roskam, and undesirable members of congress across the country, we will be stuck with the same mess we are in now.
While 2018 seems to be in the distant future, the Primary Election is less than one year away. A number of outstanding candidates have declared for the Illinois Gubernatorial race and for the 6thCongressional District. Here are the things we all need to do now:
  •       Become educated!
  • ·        Meet the candidates!
  • ·        Select a candidate to support!
  • ·        Join the team and help contact voters!
  • ·        Make sure that your friends and neighbors become educated and vote!
  • ·        Don’t stay in your comfortable bubble, reach out to others and establish common ground so they will vote with you!
  • ·        Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote!

As an organization, we will continue to register voters and provide resources for voter outreach. Thanks to pledges from our generous donors, we have extended our lease at 906 Curtiss Street through the end of the year. The availability of this Democratic Community Center will continue to provide a base for our operation, but is also a place to find kindred spirits, share ideas, and a safe outlet to vent.

Our trek to Democratic victories in 2018 has begun. So please continue to Stand Up; Take Action; Resist; and Vote!