Message from the Chair June 2017

Is your head spinning? Mine is! So many of us are frustrated with the continuing downward spiral of government which seems to have no end. The Senate Intelligence Committee is finally digging into the Trump-Russia connections. New stories break every day regarding conversations and actions perpetrated by various members of the Trump Innercircle, as well as the business dealings by the Trump and Kushner families. If that isn’t enough, the Illinois Legislative Session ended with no budget for the third year in a row. Republicans are deliberately hurting the people those who are not members of the top 1%, taking away food, educational resources, and health care faster than the blink of an eye.
We are fortunate to have three Democratic Congressmen in Downers Grove Township, who represent us well in Washington. However, a large part of the township and DuPage County is represented by Peter Roskam, who votes in lock-step with his caucus. The good news is that several people have stepped up and expressed interest in challenging the sitting Congressman who is completely out of touch with the needs of the voters. Although the 2018 Primary Election is still 9 months away, hopeful candidates, precinct committeemen, and members of a non-partisan good government coalition will be knocking on doors this summer. Please welcome them and engage in an honest dialogue so your issues are considered as their platforms are developed. The candidates and other volunteers are stepping out on behalf of all of us.
The Gubernatorial candidates are busy traversing the state to meet voters. The race for Governor is critical to putting Illinois back on track. It is essential that we elect a Democratic Governor and help keep control of the Illinois Legislature.
Learn about the candidates! Select one that reflects your values and step out to help her/him to success in the Primary. Step out and join a voter outreach canvass. Step out and help register voters. After the Primary, we must all unite and run full steam ahead, pushing people to the polls. We cannot afford to leave a single vote on the table!
This summer, remember to Stand Up, Take Action, Resist, and Vote! While we have a lot of work to do, we will also take time for some fun! Make sure to bring your neighbors and friends to our summer events: June 19 Summerfest, July 4 Parades and Post-Parade Picnic, and August 12 Democratic Neighbors Night. Stop by the office at 906 Curtiss Street in Downers Grove on a Friday Car Show Night or when you go to the Downers Grove Farmers Market on Saturdays!

Candidates are stepping up! We need to be stepping out to support them! Watch for specific details of upcoming canvassing dates. Stand Up; Take Action; Resist; and Vote!