We Build Our Community

By Maryann Vazquez
Marches, Protests, and Rallies are all becoming a part of what is known as The Resistance. Every day out of Washington, is something that assaults, angers and more than that frightens us. It is so overwhelming that we may start to feel ineffective or hopeless, yet we aren’t. We might not look like the land of the free, but we are the home of the brave. What will brave look like? Getting down to the business of building a grass-roots ground game for 2018-2020 and beyond!
Traditionally, voter turnout is low in off- year elections especially among Democrats. That is why it is especially important to harness all the anger directed at our current administration, and redirect some towards making a difference in our Downers Grove Township Organization now. You can share with your neighbor your vision for the future America by becoming a Precinct Committeeman. There is an opportunity to build our relationships with Independents who are leaning left. You can be that person who speaks to them, connects with them, and lets them know we are the party that cares about the concerns of the community: education, healthcare, seniors and the inclusion of everyone.
There are many ways we can speak to our neighbors but, first we have to know them, develop a relationship with them, and show them the way to creating their own future. Creating that relationship with residents of our township is the job of the Precinct Committeeman. This is where real change begins. Wouldn’t you like to be that person who speaks to a voter who feels powerless, showing them that there is a way to change the political climate for the better? With your encouragement that person may then reach out to others too. It is really simple–one connection at a time. Connection is community, our community, and now is the time to make it include everyone. Every single one of us is so very important to our success. You are needed—please find your way to contribute.
There are many ways to contribute within the Democratic Organization. You could serve a shift at our office even if you can only work an hour a week; if it’s nice out you can sit outside and enjoy the sun. Bring a friend if you don’t want to be alone! Downers Grove will see us – they will get to know us- friendships with like-minded individuals will be formed, and our Township will never be the same again.

If you have not done so, “Like” us on Facebook or go to our website dgdemocrats.org. and volunteer!