Message from the Chair July 2017

We have just celebrated the 241st birthday of the United States. Its founding is testament to the power of people uniting for a just cause. Were there any bystanders in the American Revolution? Since we were not there, we do not know for sure, but history tells us there were passionate supporters on both sides. The revolutionaries prevailed and two centuries later, we are fighting to retain freedoms that people fought and died for.
If you are reading this, you are most likely a Democrat. So, please do not ask, “what are the Democrats going to do about ….” The questions each of us should be asking are:
  • ·        “what can I do to elect more Democrats locally?”
  • ·        “what can I do to influence elected officials on good public policy?”
  • ·        “what can I do to make sure others are speaking out?”

We are the Democrats and together, we can make a difference. We can stop the destruction of our state and our country, but we need to continue to stand up for what is right and take action where we can.
As an organization, we will continue to register voters and provide resources for voter outreach. Our local Democratic Community Center at 906 Curtiss Street will continue to provide a base for our operation, but is also a place to find kindred spirits, share ideas, and a safe outlet to vent. If you have not been there, please stop in and meet the volunteers and interns who are ramping up for 2018.

Many of your friends and neighbors are stepping up. What will you do for the sake of our democracy?
1 Response
  1. I'm going to knock on doors from now until I can't walk in a few decades. I'm going to organize activists. I'm going to share events on Left Out. I'm going to run for PC in DG-55 and turn it blue. I'm going to make Peter Roskam wish I'd never been born. I'm going to support Kim however I can. I'm going to help fill every precinct in Hinsdale. I'm going to raise two young progressive women. I'm going to be a good husband.