Be an Upstander not a Bystander

By Maryann Vazquez

If the 2016 election has taught us anything, it is that we can no longer be complacent in our own democracy. After attending the Women’s March in Washington DC, in Chicago, in cities large and small all over the world, so many people were determined to make a difference in their community. They reached out to like-minded souls that understood that there was a need to fight back against a Trump Administration. This was a man who should not be president. He is everything that we teach our children not to be. Parents teach love and respect. We preach Love Trumps Hate -on November 8th Hate Trumped Love. Why did he win?……  because the very people that are repulsed by him are afraid to speak up and be counted as Democrats!
It became clear to me in the workplace prior to the election that Trump supporters are very vocal and very proud to be Trump supporters. Democrats on the other hand seem to cower and are afraid to even say they disagree or are Liberal. They are closeted Liberals! Come out of the closet-PLEASE!  Even those Republicans that hated him just held their noses and supported the party-line and voted Republican without thinking. They put the party line before the candidate. Democrats need to support our party! Volunteers and voters all over this country did not come out, stand up as one united front and now we have the unthinkable in the office of the President!  Democrats never want to cause a commotion. Now we liberals are all over causing a commotion everywhere we can! It is too late for 2016 but not too late for 2018 and beyond.

We have marched, protested, rallied, petitioned, town-halled, sent postcards and called our Congressman and Senators. Now we even know who our State Representative and State Senators are!  They might even know us now by name. We have all sat around in meetings and coffee shops coming up with plans to broaden minds. That all needs to continue and it is great work, however, the most important thing you can do is become involved with your local Democratic party.

You cannot be afraid to stand up and say you’re a Democrat anymore. No one can afford to be a bystander when the future of our country is at stake. Where are those people that are so outraged by what is happening to our educational system, our immigrant neighbors, our LGBTQ community, our health care, our right to religious freedom? The Democratic office doors should be brimming with volunteers, even if it’s only one hour of week.  If you have children and work and you have no time to volunteer, donate your money. Even a small amount will help. The Republicans are very wealthy and we are leaving it up to a few wealthy individuals to run our country, state and county?  We need an army of voters and we need an army of volunteers. Precinct Committeemen are needed all over our counties and state. The organization needs an infusion of youthful blood. Corny as this may sound- your commitment to Democracy has never been needed more. Stand-up and be the proud progressive Democrat your country needs.