Message from the Chair

By Kim Savage

Message from the Chair
The chaotic political environment continues to bombard us daily, sometimes, hourly with previously unfathomable events. Over the past few weeks, a string of personnel changes in Washington and Springfield left us scratching our heads as government looked more like reality tv. Before we can process the implications of one change, something else equally unbelievable happens. This constant overload of negativity is disheartening as elected leaders proceed to dismantle government, rewarding the superrich and harming the rest of us. Not to mention, much of it is intended to distract us and send us to the depths of despair! We need a lift out of this morass!
What lifts you up when the emerging events of the day get you down? Do you turn off the news? Do you give Facebook a break? Do you self-medicate with food, beverage, or other things to perk you up?
Those are all good short-term remedies, but at the end of the day, they will not help us build the Democratic infrastructure we need to overcome the madness that surrounds us! We all need to spend more time having conversations with our family, friends, and neighbors about important issues that strengthen our state and our country. The very best way is to engage people face to face. Two non-threatening opportunities are available this summer; the Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th District Canvass and the Democratic Party of DuPage County Issues Canvass. There is still time to connect with these projects, which will make a lasting difference in connecting with voters early. The Coalition’s non-partisan canvass is staged from our office at 906 Curtiss Street on Saturdays and Sundays. Perhaps, you will become inspired to be a Precinct Committeeman!
If you can’t walk, there are opportunities to make phone calls or host house parties. The candidates who are running for the 6thDistrict and the Governor’s nomination need your help now! In just a few weeks, they will need to be collecting signatures to get on the ballot, so make sure that you and your friends learn about them and help the candidate that most closely reflects your values.
This is the time to expand your network of DEMOCRATIC friends. Participating in any of the activities previously mentioned will help. Feel free to drop by the office regularly to reinvigorate yourself. Invite some friends to gather at a local coffeehouse or restaurant and engage in “warm chatter” that may spill over to neighboring tables to let people know that we are a vibrant, growing movement.

Lift yourself up!