Protect Our LBGTQ Community

By Maryann Vazquez

Donald Trump issued a ban on transgender military on July 26th via Twitter! In just three short tweets the campaign promise of protecting the LBGTQ community was reneged. Does that man not understand the impact of this words!!!. Fortunately,The Pentagon has yet to receive an actual presidential order from the White House determining policy!! The Joint Chiefs of Staff  have spoken out against this ban as well as 56 retired generals and admirals. These military professionals all recognize that a ban on transgender military affects our national security, military readiness and effectiveness, not to mention the morale. Transgender people  have served this country proudly and bravely stepping up to do a job that most Americans will not do. Transgender individuals have a higher rate of participation in our military and deserve our respect. Thousands have served in our Military for years but, it was only under President Obama that they were allowed to serve openly and proudly.

Senators and congressmen on both sides of the aisle  were shocked, and came out in opposition to the transgender ban. Conservatives Richard Shelby, Joni Ernst, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham and John McCain spoke out against this tweet rant. Even some of these extreme ultra right wingers recognize the utter outrageousness of attacking these honorable and strong Patriots who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country. Orrin Hatch even understands that they were “born this way”….Orrin Hatch!?!? (Now that is a man who is becoming evolved.)

Approximately 7000, maybe more transgender members of the military would be affected by this ban.  Not to mention that this affects their families their livelihood, careers and future. You are essentially saying to thousands of service individuals you are fired on Twitter? This sends families into turmoil, it is a frightening proposition to a family that perhaps the breadwinner of the family may no longer have a job!  I ask you Mr. President what kind of leader does that? What kind of man does that make you to be so cruel as to make the brave men and women of US military fearful of their own Commander in Chief.  You brought up cost, seriously, the Military spends more on Viagra. But, you never thought of the emotional cost to the men and women who serve this country did you? This is real life to the our troops and the families they leave behind to protect this country.

This could have been a way to shore up your base. This could have all been a way to redirect the public attention from “Russiagate”, it is clearly beginning to appear the way since, our military has not received an order from the White House. However, it only proves that you are not a Commander in Chief but, a “Baby in Chief” still sucking on a silver spoon!