Trumpcare Dies Again!

By Carla Feinkind

On Friday July 28 Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare (the ACA) went down AGAIN.  That’s seven defeats in the 6 months since the GOP took the White House and both Houses of Congress. The GOP screamed for 7 years that they’d repeal and replace Obamacare –    and every single one of their replacement bills has been an act of extreme malice leaving people without care or with too little care and with high and rising premiums and deductibles.  Eventually, the bills covered pre-existing conditions but at costs that too many families could not afford.   The final so-called “Skinny bill”, put together over a lunch, fell to the trash heap when EVERY Democrat voted against it…including the heroine, Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii.  This heroine left her sick bed where she was getting cancer treatments for her very serious cancer to vote NO.  Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voted NO despite being threatened by Trump’s Secretary of the Interior!!!  Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine also voted NO!  Republican Senator John McCain, left his own sick bed to return to a hero’s welcome by the White House and in the Senate….  Then, with great drama he gave the GOP’s “Skinny bill”  a thumbs down.

We won!!!  People all over the nation showed up, protested and called.  We, the many, let the Republicans know how we felt about the GOP healthcare bills…their acts of Malice.

Now what????  Now is NOT the time to chill… NOW, we stay alert and BUSY. Trump and the GOP keep screaming that Obamacare is failing and Trump says he will just wait for the COLLAPSE.

The facts tell a different story –

Trump and the GOP are acting to CAUSE the collapse of Obamacare.

1. The administration has threatened to stop making the subsidy payments to insurers which are authorized by the ACA to help reduce deductibles for lower income people, making the market unstable particularly in low population areas.
2.  The administration has threatened to stop enforcing the penalties for young people who do not and will not buy insurance if mandates are lifted.  This will result in fewer healthy young folks in the insurance pool causing insurers to stop offering insurance in some parts of the country.
3. The administration has stopped promoting the period for enrollment and the deadline date, attempting to slash enrollment which will increase premiums.
4.   Republicans with Senator Rubio leading the effort, wiped out the bailout fund for insurance companies, increasing premiums.
Ask Democrats to message about the destructive consequences of what the GOP is doing to the ACA.
WE KNOW THAT THE GOP ATTACKS ON THE ACA WILL CAUSE IT TO FALTER WHICH WILL CAUSE REAL AND DEEP PAIN.  Thank every Republican who stands up.  Thank Democrats who speak out!  

Ask Democrats to craft STRONG healthcare alternatives or ways to strengthen Obamacare.  Democrats could press the 19 states that did not expand Medicaid to reconsider.  That would cover ANOTHER 19 million. WE SHOULD PRESS FOR THIS!!!

We have POWERFUL allies on OUR side   Doctor’s groups, Nursing groups, Hospital groups, AARP, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, INSURANCE companies….

My generation ended the Viet Nam war…against the POWERFUL MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!!  We won because we would not sit down.  We persisted
STAY BUSY!!!  KEEP CALLING THE GOP IN CONGRESS AND BLAME THEM FOR WHAT TRUMP IS DOING …WITH THEIR HELP ….EVEN IF JUST WITH THEIR SILENCE!  The silence of the “moderates” enables the nakedly partisan who just want a win no matter what it costs you and me.

KEEP CALLING THE CONGRESSIONAL SWITCHBOARD FOR BOTH HOUSES 202 224-3121…Let the GOP know that WE see what they are doing and WE BLAME them.  Keep pressing Democrats to make NOISE and RESIST FOR US!!!  WE WILL RESIST WITH THEM AND LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT 2018 IS COMING!!!!!