Precinct Activities for September

Precinct Activities for September

1.      Become a Democratic Precinct Committeeman!  Download a Precinct Committeeman petition from the DuPage County Election Commission website ( ), or get one from the DGTD office. Fill out the top portion correctly, with your name as you would like it on the ballot. Get at least 10 signatures (20 would be better) from Democratic voters who live in your precinct. You and any voters in your household can sign it. If you have been serving as a Democratic PC, you need to do a petition and get re-elected.

2.      Choose which Democratic candidates you will be supporting and whether you want to help with their petitions.  Obtain petitions for your chosen candidates from their campaigns or there will likely be petitions at our September meeting and/or in our office. You can carry these petitions for other candidates with you as you get your PC petition completed. It is recommended that you carry no more than 3 petitions at a time to a voter’s door.

3.      If you are not a Precinct Committeeman, or if you are usually appointed as a PC in a different precinct, you can still go door to door with petitions for Democratic candidates of your choice.

4.      Remember to only ask Democratic voters to sign petitions.  Ask them to sign their name as they do when they vote. They should write the address portion neatly, and not abbreviate. Tell voters they should sign only one petition per race (i.e. one candidate for governor, one candidate for congress, etc.)

5.      If you need a list of Democratic voters in a precinct, let Kim Savage or Chris Hotchkin know and we will print one for you. You can also get a list from the DuPage County Election Commission.

6.      Completed petitions, including your Precinct Committeeman petition, will need to be notarized. You can do this at the library, your bank, or watch for “Notarizing Parties” held by our township organization.

7.      Petitions need to be completed by mid-November so candidates can file them. Our township organization will file your precinct committeeman petition for you. Petitions need to be filed between November 27 and December 4.

8.      This is also a good time to register voters in your precinct. You can take along the state registration form, which you can download from  Ask if there is anyone in the household who needs to register. If so, give them the form and have them fill it out. Tell them they can also register on line, if they prefer. You may not register voters as a Deputy Registrar (with the DuPage County Voter Registration Form) while you are collecting petition signatures or doing anything else partisan—but you can hand them the state form. (Crazy, we know!)

Thank you to all who attended Campaign 102:  Precinct Committeeman. If anyone would like a readable copy of the Power Point, email Chris at