Protect the Vote!

Update from the PROTECT THE VOTE (Voter Suppression) ACTION TEAM

After the 2016 debacle, it became clear that it is crucial to PROTECT BOTH THE VOTE and ACCESS TO THE BALLOT.

In 2016 millions of minority and Democratic voters were purged from voting rolls in red states where Trump won by just thousands.

Voter rolls were cross-checked for supposedlyduplicate voter registrations in-state and across state lines.  Millions were thrown off the rolls because of supposedly similar names.   

1.      Registering to vote was made harder in Red states in minority and Blue areas.  

2.      Polling places in minority and Blue areas were under staffed or closed early, leaving voters to wait in line for hours, rain or shine.  Then, in many cases those voters were given PROVISIONAL ballots!!!

These are just a few of the things we saw as we collected stories about the stolen election.  It became clear that we can and MUST register voters and get them out to vote.  But, if they show up and are turned away, or their votes are discarded, we will never win another election!

The DGTDO has formed a Protect the Vote Action Teamto concentrate on getting this message out and keeping it front and center.  We want to message the problem ANDthe solution: actions we can use to PROTECT THE VOTE.                

              We are looking at using social media, contacting newspapers and TV /radio stations to keep this issue in the public eye.

              Would you like to be part of this group? Contact Carla Feinkind :

 *On a positive note, both houses of the Illinois legislature passed and Governor Rauner just signed the Automatic Voter Registration Bill that will automatically register you to vote when get a driver’s license.   The committee is looking at ways to get people who will not be driving (the elderly, handicapped) to the DMV to register.