Message From the Chair

Message from the Chair

Another month that kept the phone lines buzzing, the emails flying, and the Internet streaming ended with some great results. Repeal and replace was stopped in its tracks. An offensive library board member was removed. Women’s reproductive health in Illinois was protected. You are making a difference!

Effecting positive change is an ongoing process. This month we need to focus on getting candidates on the ballot for the March 2018 Primary Election (and the November 2018 General Election). If you are a Precinct Committeeman, please take advantage of the mild weather to circulate petitions for yourself and the other outstanding Democratic candidates. If you are not a Precinct Committeeman, think about becoming one, or just stop by and pick up petitions to circulate to Democrats in your neighborhood. It is easy and satisfying.

With the frenzy facing us in the coming months, it is also imperative that we take time to take care of ourselves and those in our community. Take time to slow down, take a deep breath, and relax in the quiet moments in between political work. Make new friends, share ideas, and become energized by visiting the office or socializing with like-minded people.

In the interest of taking care of our community, we do have members who are highly sensitive to chemical fragrances. Reactions can range from mild discomfort to serious autoimmune reactions that can be debilitating. I urgently request that you refrain from reapplying products that contain chemical fragrances prior to attending our meetings or events. In other words, if you use these items in the morning, that’s fine, but try to remember not to freshly apply deodorant, cologne, aftershave, hairspray, or anything else that has a chemically derived scent immediately prior to our meetings. If you are a non-smoker, you probably remember places that you would avoid prior to the elimination of smoking in public areas. The same holds true for people who may have a physical reaction to being overwhelmed by fragrances. We would like to be able to include all of our members at meetings and events.

Until next month, please stay vigilant and involved! Push for common sense gun safety regulations, push for relief for hurricane victims, speak out for the Dreamers, and continue to advocate for those in need. Stand Up. Take Action. Resist.