Precinct Committeemen – October Activities

Precinct Committeemen—October Activities

Collect signatures on your precinct committeeman petition from Democratic voters in your precinct. You can download a petition from the DuPage County Election Commission website. , or stop in the office to pick up one. You only need 10 signatures, and voters in your house and even you can sign. It is a good idea to get more than 10—such as 15-20. You can get a list of Democratic voters in your precinct from Kim Savage or Chris Hotchkin.  When your petition is completed, get it notarized. You can get petitions notarized at a library or your bank. We should also have a notary at our meeting on Oct. 11. Make sure you also get the page notarized that says “Statement of Candidacy” and “Voter Registrar”. The “Loyalty Oath” portion is optional.  Please give your petition to Kim Savage when it is completed and notarized. We will file all the precinct committeeman petitions with the DuPage County Election Commission for you, so you don’t need to do that part. Plan to get your petition completed as soon as possible, but they must be completed and given to Kim so they can be filed on November 27.

Collect signatures on petitions for other Democratic candidates. There are petitions for most of our candidates in the office at 906 Curtiss. Stop in and pick up a few. It is a good idea to ask voters at the door to sign three petitions at the most.

Register voters in your precinct. Check in with Democratic households to see if anyone needs to be registered. All precinct committeemen are voter registrars and can register voters anywhere in the state using the DuPage County Voter Registration Form. You can also print out the state voter registration form on the Illinois State Board of Elections website, and hand that to a potential voter for them to complete themselves.