What We Are Doing to Protect the Vote


We know that we can register voters but if the GOP prevents minority/Democratic voters from voting or prevents counting their votes, Democrats will not win elections.

Our DGTDO Protect the Vote group is committed to informing our community about the GOP’s ongoing efforts to suppress minority and Democratic voters and the dirty tricks that helped throw the 2016 election to the Republicans. This is a NATIONAL problem.

There are many facets to this issue and, we started with these 2 ideas.

**The Voter Integrity Commission headed by Republican.  (See the link Kris Kobach – The New York Times www.nytimes.com/2017/05/14/us/kriskobachvoter…May 13, 2017)  Kobach, former Kansas Secretary of State and one of the nation’s leading voices on tough voterrules, is head of the  new commission. Kobach is seeking voter details to ostensibly find voter “fraud/ double” voting.  But, really the commission seeks to disenfranchise voters.

**On the good news front, Governor Rauner finally signed the Automatic Voter Registration bill which will add Illinoisans to the voting rolls when they get or renew a driver’s license or state ID.

Now we have to make sure precinct committee people and candidates pass out information about the new law and the IDs and other materials new voters will need.

 Our committee will craft messages that we want people to post to FB and Tweet.  We will be sharing links to national groups working on this issue to help our people stayconnected, informed and busy.

Interested in Protecting the Vote?  Contact Carla Feinkind –   cfeinkind@yahoo.com

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