It’s Not Just Trump


By Carla Feinkind 

We all know now that Trump craves attention, manufacturing scandals and crises to hold our attention HERE so we don’t look THEREat the REAL scandals including:

* The now heating-up Russia investigation

 * NO real legislative accomplishments

 * The threat of war with end of times carnage with North Korea, Iran and others

 * Pulling away from treaties and allies, leaving us isolated and weaker

  * Scapegoating Dreamers and desperate refugees

But it’s not just Trump – we now have all of these GOP acts of MALICE:  

* Trumpcare 1, 2, and 3 and now the tax give away to the Millionaires and Billionaires as the middle class and working families will take it in the gut and the deficit will skyrocket.

* The repeated efforts to defund and attack Planned Parenthood. 

* The GOP passage of a bill to make class action suits against big banks illegal.

* The constant threats to gut Social Security and Medicare /Medicaid.

* The gutting of the EPA along with laws and regulations to protect our air and water in favor of the polluters.   

* The efforts by Trump’s Federally funded Voter Integrity Commission to supposedly  identify and eliminate illegal voters is in reality working to suppress the votes of traditionally  Democratic and minority voters.  The real purpose was unmasked when emails stated this commission was empowered to ensure future GOP victories.

 *Of course, there has been NO gun control legislation to protect our RIGHT to LIFE over GUN Maker’s profits.

Meanwhile, in Red states across the land, Republican governors are doing their best to pass the GOP agenda.  In our Blue state, Gov Rauner  has savaged unions  since day one.  Now, he’s going after home care workers who are key to the lives of the very ill and handicapped.   He REFUSED to negotiate with Democrats  and took forever to pass a budget which COST TAX PAYERS HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN INTEREST payments. That meant many key safe guards for middle class and poor families “had to be” scuttled.   One recent ad featured a harried mom thanking him for FIXING the schools.  But Rauner has attacked and “stolen”public education monies from Kindergarten to colleges.  And the IL GOP is silent and or passes laws to facilitate his GOP agenda. 

After Las Vegas, The GOP in Springfield refused to ban Bump stocks and other modifications that can  turn ordinary rifles into high powered killing machines!  We know that the Vegas Shooter considered shooting up lollapalooza. Still, the GOP would not PUSH that bill through.

Trump, Rauner, Congressional and  IL Legislative Republicans have ONE harmful, TOXIC and  MALICIOUS agenda.   Nationwide, the silence of elected Republicans  makes them ALL complicit in the many acts of MALICE passed under Trump and the many GOP Governors.

 MAKE NOISE!  Work for and donate to Democrats and then VOTE for Democrats like our lives depend on it…because they do!    REMEMBER, IT IS NOT JUST TRUMP.  TRUMP IS THE GOP AND THE GOP IS TRUMP.  Call Congress and Springfield –  the numbers are in this newsletter, as always .  MAKE NOISE!