Voter Registration

Voter Registration Action Team Update!

First, thank you to all who participated in the voter registration roleplaying at the October meeting!  We would love to get feedback and any suggestions for improvement!

Secondly, on the table with all of the canvassing sheets at the office, there are copies of Register By Mail forms (the website for online registration and the DuPage Election Commission address are on the back).  We are encouraging all canvassers to take copies with them when canvassing & distribute them as needed!

Finally… DO YOU KNOW–
Students who will turn 18 on or before the fall election date of Nov 6, 2018, can register now AND can vote in the March 20 primary! Also 17 year olds who are registered to vote CAN SIGN petitions! As you are canvassing Democratic and independent voters, check to see if there are teenagers in the home. Teens could be our most dependable voters, they tend to be more liberal and they are so excited to enter the process.

As always we hope you will share any ideas you have for increasing the number of registered Democrats!!!