How to Ride a Big Blue Wave

                       How to Ride a Big Blue Wave

Go Blue! Get Active! Get out the Vote! This may be the ride of your life!

by Maryann Vazquez

There is a Big Blue Wave washing over this Land of Lincoln and beyond.  Learn how to ride that huge wave and turn the tide on the Republican Agenda. Virginia, Alabama – we have seen the tides rolling us into what could be the Great Blue Beyond!  But you have to be ready to roll with the surf and this is how to do it!

1. Check your Voter Registration! Are you registered? Have you moved since the last election? Has your name changed recently? Make sure you are up to date. Check it out at the State Board of Elections:

Register on-line:

2. Know your County, State and Congressional Districts. (It can be confusing.  Do your homework just in case. ) :

Dupage County:

 State and U.S (enter your complete address):

3. Decide on your Candidates. Boost your knowledge! Go to the Downers Grove Democrats Township Website and click on Candidates. You will find links to candidates on the ballot, it is a great resource. Also, check out Ballot Ready (All the candidates are great, it is so difficult to decide! Research will help.) :

4. Sample Ballots are available on these websites. Find out everything you need to know.

5. Early Voting begins February 8, for more information:

Please refer to, it is updated regularly. It is an excellent resource for not only election information but also volunteer opportunities and an up-to-date schedule of events. The Downers Grove Township website should be your go-to website for all things Blue!

6. Primary: March 20 Polls Open: 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. Know where to go first! Nothing worse than being ready to vote, standing in line, but being at the wrong place! Check your polling location.